Your skills are fast becoming outdated.

I’ve learned over the past few years one of the most important aspects being a successful entrepreneur and taking control of your life, as a step to prospering in the years to come, is to continuously empower and educate yourself and picking up new skills, as to be always surfing the wave of innovation and best practices.

With all the uncertainty of the future, building a broad skillet is more valuable than just about any long-term investment.

And I mean more than what you can learn in high school or college. Financially valuable skills come from trade school, self-teaching, and firsthand experience. The bigger the arsenal of knowledge you can amass, the better. But even this advice comes from a place of uncertainty.

You can’t possibly know what functional skills will be most valuable in the future.


Who knows what skills may be required in the years to come? What you’re doing now, be it teaching school, practicing law, laying brick, or selling insurance, may be in low demand. But preparing French cuisine, fixing autos, keeping books, or offering financial counsel may be in high demand. Or perhaps the other way around.

You can’t possibly know what functional skills will be most valuable in the future. But there are fundamental skills that will help you build wealth regardless of what career path you choose.

I’ve spent the better part of 20 years in personal development and learning skills, and I’ve come to find that there are three essentials. So, if you to create consistent, lasting success, regardless of your age or circumstances, you must master at least one or ideally all three of these valuable skills:

1. The Skill Of Salesmanship

This is the skill of persuading a prospective customer to buy a particular product at a particular place and time. Of all the skills you can have, none will help you achieve wealth as well as knowing how to sell things. To sell well, you must determine (1) the most cost-effective way of attracting customers and (2) the best way to keep those customers buying.

2. The Skill Of Marketing

This skill is all about acquiring new customers at a reasonable cost. Few “marketers” can do this well. But skilled marketers are among the highest-paid individuals in any industry. Complete with high salaries, extraordinary bonuses, and the respect and admiration of colleagues and competitors.

3. The Skill Of Creating Sell-Able Ideas

Honing this skill is easier said than done. To create salable ideas, a person needs not only the ability to develop products and services but also the ability to develop those that can be profitably sold in a given marketplace. This is difficult to master, but with diligence, money, big money, will follow the development of this skill.

The single smartest thing you can do with your money is, of course, self-investment. Taking courses, training, and acquiring knowledge in other fields as unrelated to what you are now doing as possible.

This is extremely important for long-term success, whether it’s to survive uncertainty or become wealthy. Just so long as what you’re studying allows you to acquire at least one of the specific skills above.

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Put aside 1-hour each day for 7 days to learn a new strategy to implement in tour business or plans, or new software that’s going to grow your brand. Productivity is essential, but acquiring new skills and learning is what keeps you ahead of the game.

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