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The Art Of Starting (and Crushing Goals!)

  One very essential key quality you must possess if you want to become, or grow as an entrepreneur, is the ability to TAKE ACTION!   To act on your plan. Because what separates the successful from the unsuccessful so many times is that the successful simply do it. They take action, they aren’t necessarily smarter […]

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How To Escape The 9-5 And Earn A Fortune

  He was flat broke at 25, until he met an extraordinary Teacher…   The Teacher was Earl Shoaff. The Student was Jim Rohn. Jim himself then went on to be a world-class teacher and business coach, producing protege students like Tony Robbins. I learned many life-changing financial philosophies from Jim Rohn. When I first heard his […]

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Woman With Down Syndrome Builds Her Own Cookie Business After Many Job Rejections

Collette Devitto says the secret to her company’s cookie recipe is love. It’s her way of pushing out all the haters in her life. “I think that all of that rejection for her made her say I’ll show them,” her mom said. The 26-year-old from Boston has Down syndrome.   The kitchen always makes her […]

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