Consider, In the next decade, your job as it’s currently described might not even exist.


When the dust had settled after the 2008 financial crisis, it became apparent to that a lot of the jobs and careers that exist today most likely won’t be around in 20, 10 or even 5 years from now.

One of the reasons is an invisible force that goes by many names. Computerization. Automation. Artificial Intelligence. Technology. Innovation. And, everyone’s favorite, ROBOTS.

As company’s search for ways to increase efficiency and productivity and lower costs, they’re increasingly choosing to outsource jobs to reduce salary costs and leaning more towards automation, as A.I. technology becomes a cheaper and more feasable option.

Artificial intelligence and robots will very quickly consume (And it is already doing it to a large degree), all repetitive, routine work, or algorithmic work.

The next wave of computer progress will continue to shred human work where it already has, manufacturing, administrative support, retail, and transportation. With most remaining factory jobs are likely to diminish over the next few decades.


I realized back in 2009 this was a sign of things to come and the need to pay serious consideration to establish our own dependable and recurring income streams is upon us, as companies simply weren’t going to be there for you further down the road, because of this emerging automotive workforce.

To put it in science fiction terms…

The Rise of the Machines!

Examples where robots are already replacing humans:

Driverless cars are expected to be commonplace on the roads by 2020

25% of all U.S. Malls and high street stores are expected to close by 2022, because of online shopping boom.

Surgical robots have already been in use since 2000 — they have since performed two million procedures. Ultra-precise, robo-surgeons are currently used for everything from knee replacement surgery to vision correction.

A US based tech company robot software called Quill can transform raw data into intelligible reports and articles.

The latest mega-sized 3D printers are able to construct whole buildings with minimal human labor.

Firms such as Lexmark and Basware currently offer fully automated accounts systems that do everything from matching purchase orders to flagging invoices for payment.

A robot bartender named Carl, works at the Robots Bar and Lounge in IImenau, East Germany. Carl can not only mix a mean cocktail, he can even interact with customers by making small talk.

Some schools in Europe are already experimenting with software that replaces teaching hours.


It’s been reported that 38% of US jobs will be lost to robots by 2030

A recent report suggests that those who are paid less than $20 an hour will be unemployed and see their jobs filled by robots over the next few years.

The top three most common jobs in the western world are, retail sales clerk, cashier and fast food worker, all of which are low paying jobs, and all of which are now in danger of being automated out of existence, or at best significantly reduced.

Automation will affect immediately the blue collar workers, but it is only a matter of time before it spreads into white collar industries. And if the blue collar sector can’t pay their bills because their jobs went away, that will have an immediate knock on effect to white collar job sector.

The West already has a low wage job crisis, we are now soon to be facing a jobless crisis, so in light of this massive economic transformation on the level of the industrial revolution, the average earner needs to start thinking about their future financial survival.

I hear people saying, “Yes technology displaces jobs, but in the end, new jobs are created because new opportunities and new sectors are created”.

Well, that’s not entirely true. The reality is that new jobs are very few, highly skilled, very sophisticated, very difficult to do, and very few people can do them. And certainly not the 45-year old truck driver, of which 70-80 million of them will be totally displaced within the next 5-10 years and hundreds of millions in other professions.

So think about a 45-year old truck driver having to compete with a 17-year old Indian whizz kid who creates four apps per day on his or her computer.

This site estimates how likely you are to lose your job to robots.

Just Type in your job title:

(It doesn’t look good for Accountants!)

Cashier was ranked as one of the highest at risk, with a 97 percent likelihood and automation risk level of ‘you are doomed’.

Cooks are also at the top with 94 percent, followed by retail salespersons with 92 percent.

The bottom line is, the multi billion dollar companies of today are employing fewer and fewer people because of automation. Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon when combined are worth more than $1Trillion, yet only create 150,000 jobs,

This is the new economy. The reduction of the middle class. And this is leading to is more global inequality, where the richest 85 people on the planet own as much as the bottom 3 billion. This is the reality. And it’s only going to get worse, the inequality today is worse than medieval times, during the feudal era.

So how do we integrate with a future world with advanced AI, the technology revolution, and the downsizing of the global workforce?

The technology revolution that’s taking place today is similar to the industrial revolution that took place 200 years ago when the Luddites were smashing the sewing factories in London.

And a more recent technology revolution that I personally witnessed growing up as a young teenager in the North East of England in the mid 80’s, was seeing the newspaper print workers jobs being replaced with modern computer facilities, allowing journalists and designers to input text directly, rather than involving print workers who insisted on using outdated “hot-metal” linotype printing methods.

Later I would come to personally benefit from that technology revolution, after graduation, I became a part of that newly computerized publishing workforce that eventually replaced the print workers back in the 80’s. I spent the first 10 years of my professional career working as an editorial designer for The Times and the Sunday Telegraph newspapers in London.

And now I sense the next technology revolution is upon us again 30 years later, but this time on a much larger global scale, that’s going to affect not thousands, but millions.


There’s going to be considerable turmoil with regards to most people’s careers and industries in the foreseeable future. 

The fact that some industries have been safe from automation and the technology revolution for the last three decades doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be safe for the next one.

The simple and harsh reality is there will be fewer and fewer jobs that a robot cannot do better, and we have to face up to that fact and adapt to the changing landscape.

The ground is shifting beneath our feet, and there’s no other way to avoid it, other than to start looking towards establishing new dependable and recurring income streams to secure our financial futures.

It couldn’t be more evident that the future of business and income is online, with each passing day I hear of another major firm laying off thousands of salaried people.

According to an Oxford University study:

47 percent of all jobs could be automated in the next decade.

Sounds scary right?…

Well, what if I told you that’s a good thing?

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